Leandro Gomes

Technical Product Manager

Some Cases

Implementation Analyst

I was one of the key individuals responsible for implementing B2B networks at iFood, including Habib’s and McDonald's, and collaborated in integrating the main POS/ERP systems in Brazil, such as Linx and NCR Aloha. Besides being a reference in integrations for other areas, assisting in technical meetings, problem-solving, and on-site implementation.

Implementation Analyst

In addition to client setup demands, I contributed to the implementation of the Via Varejo return system. This system uses Jira Software with ScriptRunner as its basis to optimize the process, where I was trained by an Atlassian Expert in project configuration aspects.

Product Support Analyst

I actively participated in developing the package tracking process, addressing losses at the first, middle, and last mile, which helped the company reduce about 70% of package losses. I also assisted in optimizing the incident on-call service and support restructuring, applying concepts of Scrum and other agile frameworks. Besides, I created JiraBot, which was responsible for automating the resolution of tickets at all transportation stages using Jira. The Bot alone accounted for the efficiency of 15 support analysts.

Technical Product Manager

I led key deliveries for B2B partners such as Mater Dei and Dasa, which are the main B2B partners of the company. I optimized N2/N3 support and my squad developed an off-the-shelf software for hospital integrations, improving commercial hunting and reducing the setup time by about 60% using the solution. I implemented support metrics and tools, like JIRA dashboards, shedding light on the Healthcare teams' support efforts, and Quicksight to monitor product health. In addition to product usage monitoring with Indicative and Crazy Egg, aiding in prototyping new products based on user behavior and UX interviews.

Who am I?

Experienced and dedicated professional with a trajectory across various projects, with certification in agile methodologies by Scrum.org. In my product career path, I have been playing roles in leading companies, significantly contributing to the success of various projects in multiple areas.

With great curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, I bring a strong background in project management, mostly focused on system integrations, from the simplest to the most complex. As a Product Manager of an Integrations squad at Memed, I led strategic initiatives, standing out in the implementation of efficient processes and the successful management of key B2B integration projects.

Previously, at Loggi and iFood, I developed skills in managing platforms like Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, and Opsgenie, version control with GitHub, team training, and acting in critical incidents. I developed skills in Python, Django, and SQL, automating specific routines and performing product incident analysis. It is important to note that, at Intelipost, the most significant contact with Jira Software settings and its versions occurred through mentoring with an Atlassian Expert, with all communication conducted in English.

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Exploring Knowledge

My journey of studies has led me through various paths and opened many doors. Here are listed the steps of my trajectory so far:

Academic Formation

  • Bachelor's in Systems Analysis and Development - Anhanguera Educacional
  • Culinary Arts and Gastronomic Training - Metropolitan University Center of Faculties

Certifications and Courses

  • Product Discovery via PM3 - School of Business and Digital Products
  • Digital Business Metrics via PM3 - School of Business and Digital Products
  • Product Management Certificate via Produtos Incríveis
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) via Scrum.org
  • Time Management and Priorities via Integração Escola de Negócios


Customer Success Manager at Memed

He manages deliveries excellently, communicating effectively across departments. He adapts to the company's and clients' strategies, collaborating with the outcomes.

Where I've Been?

Here are listed some of the companies I have been through, where I made lifelong friends and colleagues, and which have allowed me to pave the career I have today.

Memed | Loggi | Intelipost | iFood

  • Memed
    • Product Manager - Integrations
    • Feb 2022 - Jan 2024
    • As a Technical Product Manager at Memed, I lead the evolution of B2B integration processes, as well as the creation of new integration products and the simplification of procedures. I successfully led strategic projects, including integrations with benchmark partners in the healthcare sector. Among the key skills, the main ones stand out:

      -Development and implementation of three-level support processes using JIRA, strengthening and speeding up communication between CX, Sales, and partners.

      -Implementation of support service metrics for strategic partners, as well as the deployment of metrics for monitoring and predictability of product health using tools like JIRA, Indicative, and Quicksight.

      -I solved B2B integration challenges, simplifying and accelerating the process through the creation of new integrated tools.

      -I successfully led key projects, including integrations with benchmark institutions in healthcare.

      -I revamped the documentation for partners, providing valuable insights for continuous optimization and UMUX monitoring to measure satisfaction.

      -I led the team to deliver simplified solutions with the goal of speeding up the acquisition of new B2B partners.

      -I directly supported the partnership team when customization requests were necessary to meet specific institutional scenarios, assisting with code interpretation knowledge, API testing with Postman, and SQL to deeply understand the partners' needs.

      -I proposed development alternatives, efficient support, and accurate estimates, strengthening confidence in the timeboxes.

  • Loggi
    • Product Support Analyst
    • Jan 2020 - Feb 2022
    • As a Product Support Analyst, among the various roles in the position, the main ones include:

      -Management of the Jira Software/Jira Service Management, Confluence, and Opsgenie platforms.

      -Version control of codes using GitHub.

      -Training internal and external teams on the use of Atlassian tools.

      -Proactive communication with stakeholders and the development team to identify deliverables.

      -Acting in critical incidents, on-call to solve problems that may interrupt or cause losses to the operation.

      -Application of agile methodologies in daily routines.

      -Updating and writing codes in Python for team use, using the Django framework.

      -Analysis of product incidents with log tools.

  • Intelipost
    • Implementation Analyst
    • Jul 2019 - Jan 2020
    • Focused on system implementation projects, my activities included:

      -Managing the project implementation from the feasibility phase to Go-live using agile methodologies.

      -Conducting Sprint ceremonies to ensure the product is being implemented as agreed by the stakeholders.

      -Assisting in the integration process and contributing best practices for tool usage for developers.

      -Implementing the system contracted by the clients, ensuring full customer satisfaction.

      -Ensuring the functioning of implemented clients until the project phase conclusion.

      -Creating content and troubleshooting Atlassian Jira tool.

      -Monitoring, identifying problems, and executing Linux script applications to ensure the functionality of tools used by clients.

  • iFood
    • B2B Implementation Analyst
    • Sep 2017 - Mar 2019
    • Being a reference in dealing with development issues with external clients, I assumed the position of Implementation Analyst in the Operations area and took on new responsibilities, including:

      -Assisting software houses to develop integrations with the platform.

      -Monitoring the reception of orders by third-party software.

      -Assisting with tools for REST API queries.

      -Monitoring implementations in partners with large volumes and ensuring full operation with minimal operational impacts.

      -Identifying and correcting operational problems related to integrations.

      -Maintenance/update of public documentation as new functionalities are launched.

      -Basic design adjustments in documentation tools, with emphasis on markdown, HTML, and CSS.

      -Application log audits to identify operational errors using Linux applications.

      -Maintenance of public support forum.

      -Specific routine automation using PYTHON and BASH.

  • iFood
    • IT Analyst
    • Sep 2014 - Sep 2017
    • In my major career phase at iFood, by assuming this position, I acquired responsibilities such as ensuring the implementations of new software houses on the platform, thereby guaranteeing the agility of order transmission (Integrations between iFood systems and restaurant systems), in addition to monitoring the order reception among integrated systems using internal systems and other tools like Logz.io and NewRelic, conducting direct queries in SSH on Linux servers responsible for hosting the services, to identify possible issues directly affecting the restaurants on the platform.

      I was responsible for assisting internal teams regarding the functionality of developed tools, as well as performing tests in development environments to ensure successful deployments.

      I was also responsible for batch data changes using SQL queries in databases such as Oracle SQL and PostgreSQL, to ensure that manual changes did not take too long due to the volume of manual adjustments required.

      During this period, I assisted other areas with the creation of customized KPIs containing the company's numbers about data that did not exist in the company's BI tools, all extracted via SQL and delivered in Excel for better team understanding, among other activities.

  • iFood
    • Planning and Sales - Operational Analyst
    • Jan 2014 - Sep 2014
    • Among my daily activities relevant to the occupied position, the major ones were:

      -Ensuring the full operation of strategic partners (Key Accounts).

      -Restaurant adjustment and field analysis based on the KPIs developed by the team.

      -Providing work tools and personalized reports to operationally improve the functioning of internal or external clients.

      -Gathering CRM (Salesforce) requirements for maintenance and updating of the tool to improve support level to restaurants.

      -Analyzing delivery maps and pinpointing opportunities in regions with sales potential to maintain/increase partners' sales gains.

  • iFood
    • Customer Support
    • Aug 2013 - Sep 2014
    • Acting as a support assistant, responsible for monitoring restaurant connections with the platform, ensuring the transmission of orders with errors to restaurants.

      Direct communication with restaurants at critical operation moments to identify issues affecting the operation and provide the best solution to ensure the end customer's experience.

      In addition to these activities, it was within my scope to assist the external sales team regarding the entry of new restaurants onto the platform and the resolution of operational problems on external visits.